WP4 - Addressing access, use and searchability of secondary data and items

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  • To make a detailed survey of all data and items available within the project for illustrating the interactive tools
  • To agree on common structural standards (exchange formats) and content standards (thesauri)
  • To build and continuously update a searchable on-line database which provides common access to easily exchangeable distributed media resources, including interactive keys and eLearning packages

An overview of the partners and their contributions can be found in "Person months in WP 3, 4 and 5".


Deliverables can be downloaded here as soon as they are available.

Working Area


Resource Metadata collection and repository

Def.: Resource Metadata are searchable descriptions/keywords/URLs of identification tools, images, other media


Current information:


Resource Search Tool



The Flex-based development will occur on the IBIS-ID SourceForge repository (operated together with WP 9).

Communication tips

  • Flashmeeting works very well. All WP leaders are bookers and can invite other people. Go to http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/mxbooking/ to login and create a booking. Participants can use their video (but don't need to) and a whiteboard and chat area can be used in parallel. Only one person can speak at a time. Sessions are afterwards publicly available.
  • Skype works well for chats and phone talks (these also for more than two, video is currently possible only for two participants). Advantage: No scheduling and fixed time, no public recording.