WP11 - Dissemination and exploitation

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  • To establish a Dissemination & Exploitation Board
  • To determine a strategy for ensuring evolution of the project as a sustainable initiative
  • To identify the most suitable dissemination means for the needs and goals of the project
  • To raise awareness and stimulate organisation innovation in Education
  • To identify methods for integrating, consolidating and strengthening the new data providers
  • To transfer best practices
  • To enlarge provision of educational tools and develop stakeholder liaison for biodiversity education; to support clustering and coordination activities between relevant digitisation projects (creation of durable conditions)
  • To promote a shift from paper based educational methodologies to interactive, multi-lingual and creative educational environments


Dissemination materials


Deliverables can be downloaded here as soon as they are available.

  • D.11.1 Project Presentation, including leaflet (month 3)
  • D.11.2 Public Project web site (month 3)
  • D.11.3 Dissemination plan (month 12)
  • D.11.4 Press and communication Project Master File (the complete collection of articles produced during the project including Press releases and newsletters) (month 36)
  • D.11.5 Exploitation plan including after-project sustainability plan (month 36)
  • D.11.6 Open Access journal (month 36)
  • D.11.7 Final Presentation (month 36)