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Short project presentation View a short presentation of the KeyToNature project.

Project Goals

KeyToNature is focused on interactive educational tools for the identification of organisms. It aims at enhancing the knowledge of biodiversity at all educational levels across Europe.

Main Target Group

KeyToNature mainly addresses the formal education systems of Europe, from teachers to pupils, from primary schools to universities.


The main objectives of KeyToNature:

  • Increasing the access and simplifying the use of e-Learning tools for identifying organisms.
  • Addressing the issue of interoperability among the many educational tools devoted to biodiversity across Europe.
  • Optimising their educational efficiency and increasing their quality for educational purposes.
  • Adding value to them by providing multilingual access.
  • Suggesting best practices against barriers that prevent use, production, exposure, discovery and acquisition of educational tools in the biodiversity field.

Project Partners

Logo-Units.png Università degli Studi di Trieste
Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita
Italy Data provider, coordinator
Logo-Eti.png ETI BioInformatics Netherlands Data provider, interoperability, databasing
Logo-Jki.png Julius Kühn-Institut – Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen Germany Data provider
Logo-Csic.png Real Jardìn Botànico – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientìficas Spain Data provider
Logo-Ut.png University of Tartu University of Tartu – Institute of Ecology & Earth Sciences Estonia Data provider
PMSL.png Slovenian Museum of Natural History Slovenia Data provider
Logo-Nhm.png Natural History Museum London United Kingdom Data provider
Logo-Fim.png Friedrich Alexander Univ. FIM Neues Lernen Germany Pedagogy & Scientific e-learning expertise
Logo-Glabs.png Giunti Labs S.r.l. Italy Scientific e-learning expertise
Evolarisnextlevel.gif Evolaris Next Level GmbH Austria ICT, IPR, & Business Model development
Logo-Cuo.png Catholic University of Leuven – Centre For Usability Research Belgium Usability Expertise
Logo-Utcn.png Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania Technology Provider
Logo-Bikam.png Bikam Ltd Bulgaria Educational Databasing and Digital Libraries expertise
Logo-Tba.png T&B e Associati S.r.l. Italy Project Management, Business Model Development

Whereas the list above refers directly to the partners web sites, some partners have already created information pages on this portal. We plan to remove the table above as soon as all partners have done so. <DPL>

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<googlemap controls="large" zoom="3" selector="no" type="normal"> 45.661012,13.794987, Universitá Degli Studi Di Trieste
Dipartimento Di Biologica (UNITS)

Via Giorgieri 10, 34127 Trieste
Italy 52.36842,4.922562, Stichting Expertisecentrum Voor
Taxonomische Identificaties (ETI)

Mauritskade 61, 1092AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands 52.282442,10.573654, Julius Kühn-Institut,
Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen (JKI)

Messeweg 11/12, 38104 Braunschweig
Germany 40.437571, -3.686354, Real Jardìn Botànico-Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)
Calle Serrano 117, 28006 Madrid
Spain 58.388982, 26.727848, University of Tartu (UT)
Ulikooli 18, 50090 Tartu
Republic of Estonia 46.206448, 13.752136, Priodoslovni Muzej Solvenije (PMSL)
Presernova Cesta 20, 1000 Ljubljana
Republic of Slovenia 51.501423, -0.176811, Natural History Museum (NHM)
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD
United Kingdom 49.591129, 11.004653, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FIM)
Nägelsbachstr. 25b, 91052 Erlangen
Germany 44.269143, 9.391851, Giunti Labs S.r.l. (GLABS)
Via Portobello, Abbazia dell'Annunziata, 16039 Sestri Levante, Genoa
Italy 47.082631,15.453815, evolaris Privatstiftung (EVO)
Hugo-Wolfgasse 8-8A, 8010 Graz
Austria 50.884626,4.703522, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (CUO)
Oude Markt 13, 3000 Leuven
Belgium 46.766666,23.60000, Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Str Constantin Daicoviciu 15
400020 Cluj Napoca
Romania 42.710763,23.34955, Bikam Eood (BIKAM)
Oborishte Street 52, 1505 Sofia
Bulgaria 45.664866,13.84346, T. & B. e Associati S.r.l. (TBA)
Edificio H, Area Science Park
Padriciano 99, 34012 Trieste
Italy </googlemap>



Number Title Date Dissemination level
D.3.1 Inventory of all educational products December 2007 Public
D.11.1 Project Presentation and leaflet December 2007 Public
D.11.2 Public Project web site December 2007 Public
D.4.1 Extensive survey on secondary data January 2008 Public
D.1.1 Progress Report March 2008 Confidential[1]
D.5.1 Report on identification tools chosen for adaptation March 2008 Confidential
D.12.1 Monitoring, Assessment and Evaluation Framework and guidelines for the project implementation[2] March 2008 Public
D.4.2 Technical blueprint April 2008 Confidential
D.7.1 Pedagogical analysis report of existing contents May 2008 Public
D.7.2 Evaluation form and grid May 2008 Public
D.2.1 Multidimensional need analysis and market report July 2008 Confidential (Available on request from these Contacts)
D.1.2 Progress report September 2008 Confidential
D.1.3 1st Annual Report September 2008 Public
D.3.2 Selected tools for Users' experience testing (Text version) September 2008 Public
D.4.4 Standard agreement for metadata exchange September 2008 Public
D.5.2 Report on chosen standards (protocols and formats) for data exchange and transfer September 2008 Public
D.6.1 Conceptual model of the interface, for both applications (Web-based and mobile) September 2008 Public
D.7.3 Pedagogical strategy handbook September 2008 Public
D.10.1 Interim IPR framework Report September 2008 Confidential
D.11.3 Dissemination Plan September 2008 Public
D.6.2 First prototype of the interface December 2008 Public
D.1.4 Progress Report March 2009 Confidential
D.6.3 Report on usability testing March 2009 Public
D.1.5 Progress Report September 2009 Confidential
D.1.6 2nd Annual report September 2009 Public
D.5.3 Tools Supporting Data Re-use and Key Re-engineering[3] September 2009 Public
D.8.1 Users' experience and their feedback September 2009 Public
D.1.7 Progress Report March 2010 Confidential
D.4.3 Database and searching facility March 2010 Public
D.8.2 Evaluation database March 2010 Public
D.5.4 Demonstrator for interoperable e-content network May 2010 Restricted
D.6.4 Testing and development of interfaces for KeyToNature applications [4] May 2010 Public
D.1.8 Progress Report September 2010 Confidential
D.1.9 Final Report for laymen audience September 2010 Public
D.9.1 Improved eLearning product demonstrator September 2010 Public
D.10.2 Final IPR framework report September 2010 Confidential
D.11.4 Press and communication project master file September 2010 Public
D.11.5 Exploitation and after-project sustainability plan September 2010 Confidential
D.11.6 Final Conference Proceedings: Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems [5] September 2010 Public
D.11.7 Final Project Presentation September 2010 Public
D.11.8 Final Conference Report[6] October 2010 Public


  1. only for members of the consortium (including Commission services and project reviewers)
  2. The deliverable "guidelines for standard choice and implementation" will be part of 3 assessment reports that are embedded into D1.2, D1.5 and D1.8
  3. NOTE: this deliverable was renamed, former name "Wrappers for data exchange". As regards the dissemination level it was shifted from public to restricted level.
  4. NOTE: this deliverable was renamed, former name "Final prototype of the interface".
  5. It replaces 3 articles to be issued by the Consortium and to be published in existing Open Access Journals.
  6. A new deliverable was added to the workplan following the prolongation of the project as agreed in the Periodic Meeting in Cluj Napoca.

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