Open Key Player testing in Romania

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Cluj-Napoca, 2010-05-15


The purpose of this testing is to run the Open Key Player in the ILIAS eLearining environment with ths functionality of user tracking activated. The following activities are tracked by the Open Key Player and communicated to the eLearning environment: start the key, selected step, time spent in the selection of a step, revised step, key end, correct/incorrect identification.

  • Participants: 41 pupils from 2 classes in 2 different schools
    • 1 class of 20 pupils at gymnasium level, coordinated by teacher Deak-Fogarasi Zita.
      • Date: 15 June 2010
    • 1 class of 21 pupils at high school level, coordinated by teacher Boar Felicia.
      • date: 21 June 2010

  • Key used to test the Open Key Player embedded in an eLearning environment:

"Trees and shrubs from Romania"

Preparatory activities

  • elaboration of the testing scenario with the local teachers (scheduling, planning the training lessons, planning the testing)
  • elaboration by CUO of the paper questionnaires for the pupils:
    • design the pre-test questionnaire
    • design the evaluation questionnaire
    • design the post-test questionnaire
    • design the consent agreement
  • creation by FIM of the user accounts in the ILIAS

Testing scenario

Step1: Getting familiar with the application

The pupils access the demo application at the address and the teacher necessary guidelines.

For identification:

  • select the question (this will be tracked into the left side of the screen)
  • to return to a previoulsy selected question, click on the respective question in the history list on the left side panel
  • consequently select the questions until you get to the final identification
  • press "Yes" or "No" if you think are satisfied or not with the identification, return to a previously slected question or "Reset" to start everything from the beginning

Step2: Test the user tracking in the eLearning environment

  • connect to the eLaerning environment:
  • input the username and the password allocated to you
  • go to „Test 05.06.2010”
  • click on „Vizualizare” to start the application
  • follow the rules described at the previous step
  • repeat the identification for each plant you receive
  • when you finish: „logout”.

Collect the feedback from the paper questionnaires

  • the pupils fill in the paper questionnaire
  • the teacher collect the questionnaires and hands them to the representative of K2N
  • the K2N partner produce the statistics

Interpret the log files from the eLearning environment

  • about 4500 log entries have been recorded in ILIAS
  • FIM had produced the associated xls files and the statistics
  • the results of the test are used by FIM in the WP7 & WP8 reporting


  • no technical problem reported
  • all connections to ILIAS and to the Open Key Player had been working without problems
  • about 4500 log entries have been recorded in the 2 days of testing
  • filled questionnaires by the pupils
  • the results are reported in the article for the "Bioidentify" Congress in Paris.

Some photos from the testing event

Photos from testing the "Open Key Player" embedded in the ILIAS eLearning environment in the High School for Environment Protection (Cluj), under the supervision of Prof.drd. Felicia Boar.