Norway Maple

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Trees showing the two common foliage colour forms, green and purple.

Acer platanoides

Maple family (Aceraceae)

Origin: Europe & Asia

Description: Up to 30 m, with a short trunk, sparse branches and smooth or shallowly ridged, greyish bark. Twigs tinged with red. Leaves palmately lobed, the lobes with a few teeth. Flowers appearing just before the leaves, males and females in separate clusters, yellowish green or sometimes red, with 5 petals. Fruits 3.5-5 cm, paired, the wings of each pair horizontal or forming a wide angle.

There are several different purple forms of this tree, differing mainly in the intensity of the colour of the foliage. The most common is a rather murky purple.

Comments: Cultivars with foliage tinged dark red or purple are frequently planted and may be more common than the typical variety in some areas.

Similar trees:

  • Sycamore
  • Cappadocian maple
  • London Plane has similar shaped leaves but is distinguished by the flaking bark, and very different flowers and fruits.