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ROMANIA: The new technical framework for metadata interoperability has been presented at international conference (Cluj, 28 August 2010)

The technical aspects and the demonstration of the "MediaWiki Interoperability Framework for Multimedia Digital Resources" in the KeyToNature repository has been presented at the IEEE 6th Int Conf on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing organised by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

ITALY: New morphology and ecology plants'glossary is now accessible from the Dryades Identification Tools (August 2010)

Thanks to the kindness of the curator, Prof. Ettore Contarini, of the Società per gli Studi Naturalistici della Romagna, and of Carta Bianca Editore, starting from today all of the identification keys produced by KeyToNature/Dryades for vascular plants in Italian allow free access to the "Dizionarietto dei termini di morfologia ed ecologia delle piante superiori"

SPAIN: New key for a Secondary School in Sevilla, IES Virgen de los Reyes (August 2010)

A Dryades key for identifying trees and shrubs on a natural area near the cener. link:

ESTONIA: A new application for smartphones using Android operating system: A Key to Epiphytic Macrolichens of Estonia (July 2010)

A new application originally developed by a local softwear developer Marko Peterson is now available in the Android Market for free. The key is in Estonian and it includes all 115 species of epiphytic macrolichens in Estonia; for each species three images are available, as well as a short description and distribution map. An illustrated glossary of specific terms has also been attached to the key.

ROMANIA: User tracking functionality of Open Key Player successfully tested (Cluj, 15 June 2010)

The user tracking functionality of Open Key Player implemented by UTCN and embedded by FIM into the ILIAS eLearning environment has been sucessfully tested in 2 schools in Cluj (15 and 21 June 2010), with the participation of 41 pupils and 2 biology teachers. See the description of the event. The results of the test are reported in an article submitted for "Bioidentify" Congress in Paris.

BULGARIA: A Bulgarian ministry published an official information announcement about "KeyToNature" (June 2010)

MTITC-K2N announcement screenshot.jpg

The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) published in Bulgarian at its web-portal - in the section "Information Technology|EU Programmes|CIP - ICT PSP Programme" an information announcement and link to the "KeyToNature" project. The link to the K2N announcement is given below, and the translation of the announcement in English is as follows:
"The European biodiversity-related project "KeyToNature" from the "eContent Plus" programme, now part of the the CIP - ICT PSProgramme, which is being implemented with the participation of the Bylgarian company "BIKAM" Ltd. and with the logistical support of the MTITC, provides on its web-portal access to more than 2,500 interactive identification keys to help the biodiversity learning at all levels of the European educational systems.
You can have an access to the project and its tools at the project web-portal at:"

See the Official announcement of the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (in Bulgarian).

ITALY: A botanical glossary for keys in Italian

Thanks to the kindness of the curator, Prof. Ettore Contarini, of the Società per gli Studi Naturalistici della Romagna, and of Carta Bianca Editore, starting from today all of the identification keys produced by KeyToNature/Dryades for vascular plants in Italian allow free access to a botanical glossary of more than 200 pages, the "Dizionarietto dei termini di morfologia ed ecologia delle piante superiori" You can directly access the e-book here: [1]

ROMANIA: KeyTo Nature Open Day (Cluj, 29 May 2010)

A KeyToNature open day has been organised in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on 29 May 2010, with the occasion of the regional contest of pupils's projects on environment protection. The contest has been coordinated by the Cluj county Inspectorate of Education. Visit the web page of the event.

SPAIN: New! Key for Gymnosperms of the Botanical Garden of Madrid

Now available the key "Gymnosperms of the Botanical Garden of Madrid", an identification key that can be used at the Garden by the pupils. The key is in a Wiki format, hence it can be updated continuously with new pictures and/or corrections coming out its use.].

ITALY: A new application for iPhones: a guide to 100 plants in the Botanical Garden of Catania (29 Apr 2010)

The application, freely downloadable from iTunes, is a commented and illustrated guide to 100 woody plants of the Botanical Garden developed jointly by the Botanical Garden of Catania (Sicily) and KeyToNature. It will be used for organising educational activities with schools visiting the Garden. Further info is here: Cento piante da scoprire

ROMANIA: Workshop with the teachers of biology (Cluj, 14 April 2010)

A workshop with 28 participants has been held in Cluj-Napoca on 14 April 2010 to demonstrate to the biology teachers the available K2N tools and to organise a hands on session with the tools in order to be able to test them with the pupils in June 2010. (Workshop page)

AUSTRIA: A new key for identification of woody plants in Austria available (Graz, 27 Mar 2010)

In cooperation with the Institute of Plant Sciences,University of Graz, an new interactive key to the woody plants of Austria was developed. Included are both native plants and those commonly cultivated in parks and gardens. This version includes c. 550 species out of a total of more than 700 which will be included in the final version. By the end of April, all species will be added. The key is currently available in English here: A guide to the woody plants of Austria.

ROMANIA: A new key for identification of pteridophytes from Romania (Cluj, 18 Mar 2010)

As a result of collaboration between biology teachers from Cluj, University of Trieste and Technical University of Cluj, a new key has been recently launched for the interactive identification of pteridophytes from Romania. The idea to produce such a key was generated at the K2N M30 progress meeting in Cluj in February, after the discussions with the local biology teachers. The key was produced under the supervision of the coordinator. It is available in the following formats: online Romanian version, online English version, download for stand alone pocketPC, printable key in the format of eBook.

ITALY: A new application of KeyToNature for i-Phones: the flora of the Val Rosandra (Trieste, NE Italy) - (March,10th, 2010)

Starting from today it is possible to download for free from iTunes a new application for i-Phone: the illustrated flora of the Val Rosandra Natural Reserve (Trieste, NE Italy)

ROMANIA: K2N progress meeting reflected by local press (Cluj, 23 Feb 2010)

The K2N progress meeting and the workshop organised with the local teachers of biology at Hotel Belvedere, Cluj, Romania, has been presented by the press. Read the report for the online version and the scanned copy from the local newspaper "Adevarul". Listen the interview of Prof. Mircea Giurgiu begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, local organizer, to Radio Cluj.

ROMANIA: New key on "Birds from Delta of Danube" (Cluj, 28 Jan 2010)

UTCN and the teacher from High School of Informatics "Tiberiu Popoviciu" have collaborated for the production of the identification key "Birds from Delta of Danube". The layout was proposed to be similar as for the K2N Open Key Player in order to keep an uniformity in design. UTCN has ellaborated a new application that converts the xls key presented by the teacher into an xml structure which is easily customizable, adaptable and scalable to other types of identification keys. The key is currently under development (Feb 2010). See here a demo for the alfa version of the key (in Romanian)....

ROMANIA: Now ready in Romanian "Key to Garden and Village Birds of Europe" (Cluj, 12 Jan 2010)

The English version of "Key to Garden and Village Birds" has been translated in Romanian. Additional information: birds of Europe and available CD produced by ETI Bioinformatics. The key is also available in Spanish and Slovenian. This key had an important demonstration impact at the workshops organised in Cluj, because of inclusion of combination of sounds, images and text descriptions. For Romanian customization, full support has been obtained from the author: Tomi Trilar. Access the tool (in Romanian)....

ESTONIA: The Flora of Estonia on the iPhone (January,1st, 2010)

Thanks to cooperation between KeyToNature, the University of Tartu, the Estonian University for Life Sciences and Divulgando srl we have now the first application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows the identification of trees and shrubs of Estonia. The application allows you to: 1) Identify more than 140 trees and shrubs present in Estonia; 2) See the explanatory files and access the photo gallery; 3) Search by keywords; 4) Post the identified species in Facebook; 5) Take pictures and add field notes to your guide; 6) Send via email multimedia content (pictures and notes) stored in the device (iPod Touch and iPhone). The application - which is now available on the App Store - was developed in Estonian,as a prototype to be extended soon to the whole flora of the country, which is already available on-line (, and to other guides in other languages. More info is here: and here you can view an interview of Andres Saag at the Estonian National television (in Estonian):

SPAIN: Now ready in Spanish: "Key to Common Garden and Village Birds of Europe (with sounds!)"

All of us have heard the song of birds. However, only a few of us are able to recognise a bird from its song. Developed by KeyToNature at the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, adapted for Spain, this wiki-key has a special feature: it is based on bird's sounds.
Clave de Aves Comunes de Jardines y Areas Rurales de España

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