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Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2010-02- from 22 to 25




The workshop will last 2 full days as follows:

  • 22 February 2010 - Arrival of the members of the K2N Consortium
  • 23 February 2010 - 1st day of the meeting
  • 24 February 2010 - 2nd day of the meeting
  • 25 February 2010 - Social event (excursion); Departure for the others.
  • 26 February 2010 - Departure of the participants to the excursion.

  • Flights connections: Travel is suggested through Cluj International Airport. Companies that offer direct flights to Cluj:
    • TAROM: direct connections with Bucharest, Vienna, Madrid, Frankfurt.
    • WizzAir: direct flights from/to London, Dortmund, Bergamo, Rome, Barcelona, Forli, Paris, Venice, Valencia, Madrid, Treviso, Grenoble.
    • Lufthansa: direct flights from/to Munich.
    • BlueAir: Rome, Paris.
    • Malev: Budapest.



Reservations for single rooms have been made by us for all the participants at the K2N meeting at "Hotel Belvedere". Therefore, no need to make personal bookings. The K2N meetings will take place in this hotel, in the conference room called "Miorita" (M). If anybody wants to make their own room reservation in another hotel, here is a list of hotels in Cluj.

Address of the hotel:
Str. Calarasilor, Nr. 1, Cluj-Napoca, RO
Tel: +40 264 432071, Fax: +40 264 432076

Location of the hotel on Google Maps

  • From/to airport to/from the hotel: get a taxi from the main exit hall and ask for "Hotel Belvedere". The tariff would be about 20RON (5 Euro). At the end of the trip, the taxi driver would be able to give to you the receipt. You could cash RON in the airport from ATMs or from the exchange office.
  • From/to downtown to/from the hotel: the hotel is situated on a small hill called Cetatuie from where you have a nice panorama of the town. It's very nice to walk down from the hotel to downtown (10-15 mins) by stone stairs or to come back from the town with a taxi (2-3 Euro).
  • Price for the hotel: 1 single room (incl. breakfast and local tax)+ 1 lunch as buffet + 2 coffee breaks = 65 Euro/day.
  • Internet in the hotel is free. The access is: a) cable in the rooms, b) wireless in the conference room and lobby. Ask at reception for details.


You may download the agenda in PDF format from here.

22 February 2010, h. 18:00 - Management Team Meeting
Restricted to management team delegates of: ETI, EVO, TBA, UNITS and UTCN as hosting organisation.

23 February 2010, h. 09:00 - Analysis of progress of previous and ongoing activities, demonstrations and discussions

Time Content Keynote speaker
09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:35 Greetings from the hosting organization Prof. Mircea Giurgiu (UTCN)
09:35-10:15 State of the project and introduction to the meeting Prof. Pier Luigi Nimis (UNITS the Coordinator)
10:15-10:45 Demo 1 - mediaIBIS Dr. Gisela Weber (JKI), Cornelia Veja, Andrei Homodi (UTCN)
10:45-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:15 Demo 2 – Open Key Editor, new developments Dr. Edwin van Spronsen (ETI), Dr. Stefano Martellos (UNITS)
11:15-11:30 Demo 3 – iPhone application for the Estonian Flora Mr. Rodolfo Riccamboni (UNITS / Divulgando S.r.l.)
11:30-11:45 Demo 4 – Progress in the wiki-keys and the German National Portal "Offene Naturführer" Dr. G. Hagedorn (JKI), Gerd Schmidt (ILI-FIM)
11:45-13:00 Meeting with Romanian Associate Members, Stakeholders and Professors of biology. Prof. Mircea Giurgiu, Lect.dr. Daniela Marian (UTCN)
13:00-14:15 Lunch break
14:15-15:15 Organization of the Joint Final Congress in Paris. (Programms, speakers, budget, sharing of costs etc). Prof. Pier Luigi Nimis (UNITS)
15:15-16:15 Addressing the main Reviewers’ recommendations:
  • Development of a template where teachers can ‘cut & paste’ their own teaching material, and use the K2N tools (for Moodle and Ilias).
  • A step-by-step user guide for teachers of how & when to use the tools – and where they could potentially increase the learning outcomes.
  • More translated input and good practices to the Teachers’ book: concrete use examples using this success story to convince other teachers from other countries.
Moderated by Prof. Pier Luigi Nimis.
16:15-16:35 Coffee break
16:35-17:35 Status of the project and status of the employment of resources. Nicola Dorigo Salomon (TBA – Project Manager)
17:35-18:00 Any other business. Questions and Answers. Dr. Alessandro Mazzetti (Giunti LABS)
19:30 Social dinner (meeting in Hotel lobby at 19.00) Continuing informal discussions

24 February 2010, h. 09:00 - Impact, dissemination and sustainability

Time Content Keynote speaker
09:00-10:30 Exploitation and Business Model Development Dr. Christian Kittl (EVO)
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 The Future of the KeyToNature Consortium ETI / UNITS
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:30 Future and Ongoing Project Applications (COST, LLP KA3, LLP - Comenius, Interreg IV A) Dr. Gerd Schmidt (ILI-FIM) / Mr Thomas Putz (EVO)
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:30 Preparing the final review meeting All partners
16:30-17:00 Next deliverables Mr. Nicola Dorigo Salamon (TBA)
17:00-17:30 Wrapping up and conclusions. Prof. Pier Luigi Nimis (UNITS)
17:30 Closing of the meeting and way forward
19:00 Social dinner (meeting in Hotel lobby at 19.00) Continuing informal discussions

25 February 2010, h. 09:00 - Field trip and excursion

Check out the excursion page to do not miss a nice opportunity to see Romanian life, culture and landscape ! !


Family name First name Organization Arrival (hour, from) Departure (hour, to) Hotel Excursion (Yes/No)
HUDSON Raymond EC 22/02/2010 (12:10, Munich) 25/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere No
NIMIS Pier Luigi UNITS 22/02/2010 (16:30, Venezia) 25/02/2010 (08:15, Venezia) Belvedere No
MARTELLOS Stefano UNITS 22/02/2010 (16:30, Verona) 25/02/2010 (08:15, Verona) Belvedere No
RICCAMBONI Rodolfo UNITS 22/02/2010 (16:30, Venezia) 25/02/2010 (08:15, Venezia) Belvedere No
DORIGO SALAMON Nicola T&B e Associati srl 22/02/2010 (15:00, from Venice via Timisoara) 26/02/2010 (08:00, to Venice via Timisoara) Belvedere Yes
DONOSO Verónica CUO 22/02/2010 (12:10, Munich) 25/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere No
KITTL Christian Evolaris Next Level 22/02/2010 (13:50, Vienna) 25/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere No
PUTZ Thomas Evolaris Next Level 22/02/2010 (13:50, Vienna) 26/02/2010 (09:20, Vienna) Belvedere Yes
TRILAR Tomi PMSL 22/02/2010 (12:10, Munich) 26/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere Yes
KODELE-KRAŠNA Irena PMSL 22/02/2010 (12:10, Munich) 26/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere Yes
MAZZETTI Alessandro Giunti LABS 22/02/2010 (23:10, Pisa) 25/02/2010 (16:20, Budapest) Belvedere half...
Hagedorn Gregor JKI 20/02/2010 (15:45, from BUDAPEST) 25/02/2010 (16:20, to BUDAPEST) Belvedere (from Mo evening) No
WEBER Gisela JKI 20/02/2010 (17:31, Budapest) 25/02/2010 (10:22, Budapest) Belvedere from Mo evening No
MIHNEV Pencho BIKAM Ltd. 22/02/2010 (18:10, Bucharest) 26/02/2010 (14:25, Bucharest) Belvedere Yes
ROUJINOV Manol BIKAM Ltd. 22/02/2010 (18:10, Bucharest) 26/02/2010 (14:25, Bucharest) Belvedere Yes
GARCIA Esther RJB 21/02/2010 (23:40, Madrid) 25/02/2010 (15:10, Madrid) Belvedere No
SCHMIDT Gerd FIM 22/02/2010 (12:10, Munich) 26/02/2010 (12:45, Munich) Belvedere Yes
SCHALK Peter ETI Bioinformatics 22/02/2010 (18:10, Amsterdam) 24/02/2010 (noon, Amsterdam) Belvedere No
VAN SPRONSEN Edwin ETI Bioinformatics 22/02/2010 (18:10, Amsterdam) 26/02/2010 (noon, Amsterdam) Belvedere Yes
PRESS Bob NHM 22/02/2010 (12:50, London) 26/02/2010 (06:10, London) Belvedere Yes
SAAG Andres University of Tartu 22/02/2010 (18:10, Bucharest) 26/02/2010 (09:20, Vienna) Belvedere Yes
RANDLANE Tiina University of Tartu 22/02/2010 (18:10 Bucharest) 26/02/2010 (09:20 Vienna) Belvedere Yes
FERRER Marina RJB-CSIC 21/02/2010 (23:40, Madrid) 25/02/2010 (15:10, Madrid) Belvedere No
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Participants from Romanian schools and associated members

  • Prof. Anca Cristina HODOROGEA - General Inspector on Education, Cluj
  • Prof. dr. Adelhaiad KEREKES - Inspector of Biology, Cluj
  • Prof. Elena VIRTIC - Inspector of Biology, Bistrita-Nasaud - Id Key "Dendrological Park"
  • Prof. Liana TIRAU - National College "Liviu Rebreanu", Bistrita - Id Key "Dendrological Park"
  • Prof. Emilia BUTA - National College "Liviu Rebreanu", Bistrita - Id Key "Dendrological Park"
  • Dr. Delia CEUCA - Zoologic Museum, Cluj - K2N Associated Member - Key on species of birds in RO
  • Dr. Alexandra SUTEU - Botanical Garden Cluj - K2N Associate Member - consulting botanist
  • Prof. Florin CRISAN - Faculty of Biology Cluj - specialist in lichens
  • Prof. DEAK-FOGARASI Zita - High School of Informatics "Tiberiu Popoviciu", Cluj - Key of birds in Danube Delta
  • Prof. Livia ARDELEAN - Director of High School for Environment Protection, Cluj
  • Prof. Felicia BOAR - High School for Environment Protection, Cluj - key on gymnosperame
  • Dr. Horea Raboca - "Babes Bolyai" University, Cluj
  • Prof. Irina POP - "Babes Bolyai" University, Cluj - pedagogy and training issues

Participants from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  • Prof. Mircea GIURGIU
  • Lect.dr. Daniela MARIAN - relation with schools and associated members
  • Drd. Cornelia VEJA - management of K2N metadata repository
  • Eng. Andrei HOMODI - researcher and technical implementation
  • Drd. Zsuzsana KISS - workshop organisation support
  • Eng. Ahsanul KABIR - researcher.


The meetings will take place in the conferece room "Miorita" at "Hotel Belvedere".


    • National currency is Romanian Leu (RON). The exchange rate is about 1Euro = 4.20 RON. Daily exchange rates are available from the Romanian National Bank.
    • You can obtain RONs from: ATMs in downtown, airport, from the bank offices or from private exchange offices (open 9:00 - 17:00).
    • You can pay the hotel with the credit card or in cash (RON or EURO).
    • For restaurants, normally you pay in cash with RON. There are some restaurants that accepts cards, too.
    • In most of the markets (but not in small shops) you could pay with card.
  • TAXIs
    • Cab companies: Diesel Taxi, TerraFan, Pritax, Nova Taxi. The firm's name is written on the side of the car. Normal fares: starting costs about 1.9 RON, the per kilometer fare is 1.9 RON. The fare for the trip to the aiport is about 25-30 RON and you could get a fiscal receipt from that. Telephone for taxi: 0264 - 946.
    • RATUC (Cluj-Napoca urban transport) page. A bus/trolleybus/tram double ticket costs 3 RON and can be purchased from the tickets booth ("Bilete") in almost every bus/trolleybus/tram stop. This ticket is good for two trips; one trip means without getting off and no round trips.


Check the dedicated web page.


Prof. Mircea Giurgiu
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Telecommunications Department
26 Baritiu Str., 400027 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Mircea.Giurgiu (at)
+40 264 401807, 401226 (office).