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The School "Constantin Brancusi" from Cluj-Napoca has a well-known educational tradition at gymnasium level. With professional teaching staff and good teaching infrastructure, the school is involved in different projects at national and international level (Funs & Maths, Fun Ecole, Entitle, Eco-School, etc). Their pupils are successfuly participating in educational competitions at national level on different subjects. They are fun of K2N interactive tools and they sistematically use K2N tools in teaching biology under the guidance of biology teacher Prof.dr. Diana Cristean.

K2N activities in this institution

Joint workshop with UTCN for biology teachers in Cluj


UTCN and the"Local Inspectorate for Education" represented by Prof.dr. Adelhaiad Kerekes have organised a K2N workhop (18 Nov 2009) for the teachers of biology in this school. The aim was to update the teachers with the new identification key developments in K2N (JKey, Open Key Editor, etc), to demonstrate the usage of the new keys (street trees, garden birds) and how to use the search tools available in K2N. New interested teachers have been enrolled in specific K2N actions for the schools and a programme of activities has been agreed.

Creation of a tool for classification of organisms

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Prof. Diana Cristean has designed a tool dedicated to the pupils at gymnasium level in order to train them the classification of organisms. It is a basic tool, which is used as a starting point to train the kids about different categories of organisms, to train them to navigate on the online structure and to be a basis for further educational developments. The tool has been designed by the biology teacher and the technical implementation realised in collaboration with UTCN (Finalised: 05 Dec 2009).

Translation in Romanian of the K2N "Key to Garden and Village Birds"

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The K2N interactive identification tool "Key to Garden and Village Birds" has been demonstrated at the workshop with the teachers in Cluj and had an important educational and audio-visual impact. It appeared the necessity to translate it in Romanian in order to use the tool with the pupils in schools. Biologic terminology has been translated by biology teachers, consultancy has been asked from the author of the key (Tomi Trilar) and the wiki update and technical corrections have been under the charge of UTCN (Finalised 06 Jan 2010).

Next K2N activities in this school

  • April 2010: use of identification key of trees and shrubs
  • May 2010: use of identification key of garden birds

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