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The "Cluj Inspectorate for Education"


The "Cluj Inspectorate for Education" is the regional body for administration of pre-universitary education in the Cluj region. They support the K2N project by the participation of the biology teachers in the K2N training workshops organised by UTCN at local level. With their support the local workshops in Cluj were organised and an important number of teachers are already using the K2N tools or contribute towards the adaptation, localisation and creation of new tools. Read more ...

The "Bistrita-Nasaud Inspectorate for Education"


The "Bistrita-Nasaud Inspectorate for Education" is the regional body for administration of pre-universitary education in the Bistrita region. They have supported the K2N project in the initial phase by testing the identification keys on trees and shrubs in 2008. Also, they have been the hosts of the "Romanian K2N national seminar" in May 2009, where about 28 teachers of biology participated together with about 30 students in an open class. Under the guidance of the inspector for biology, the teachers have created identification keys for the trees in the "Dendrological Park of Bistrita". Read more ...

The National College "Liviu Rebreanu" Bistrita


With a long educational tradition, the school has the name of the great Romanian novelist "Liviu Rebreanu", born in this region, and famous for the realistic novels about the hard life in rural areas before and between the world wars. Here is a tradition for excellence, professionalism and passion of the teachers to innovate and increase the quality of education. The school is involved in national and international educational programmes, the pupils are participating in complementary activities (theatre, astrology, ecology) and in Dec 2009 the school has been nominated for the competition of colleges: "10 for Romania". Here the education is well harmonised with culture and entertainment. Read more ...

The High School of Informatics "Tiberiu Popoviciu" Cluj


This high school is considered as one of the top leading colleges in Cluj-Napoca, with high professional teaching staff, very modern technology infrastructures and well known by its olimpic students to the national and international educational competitions in mathematics, informatics, physics or biology. The motto of the school is "professionalism and high level of competencies for the whole life". And indeed, generations of graduates proved it by their professional career in various technology centres over the world: Microsoft, HP, Google, Nokia, etc or teaching in prestigious universities. Read more ...

The "Vocational Training College on Environment Protection" Cluj


The "Vocational Training College on Environment Protection" has a long educational tradition in Cluj-Napoca. Based on this tradition they built up a new concept of education, based around the values of ecology. The school trains the students in mostly at vocational level in the fileds of: wood processing, constructions, glass paintings. With a very good balance between the in class-based training and company-based placements, the graduates get necessary skills for the market competition. The old tree in front the school and the old bell are the symbols which the graduates recall over the time. Read more ...

The Scool "Constantin Brancusi" Cluj

Sc Brancusi1.jpg

The school has the name of the genial Romanian sculptor "Constantin Brancusi". With a young and professional teaching staff they have obtained from the Romanian Ministry of Education the title of "European School". Till now the school participated in K2N with the following activities: testing of the key of trees and shrubs from Romania, joint workshop with UTCN for teachers, designing of a tool showing the basic classification of organisms, the translation in Romanian of the key for European birds in rural areas. Read more ...

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