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After the K2N workshop with the teachers of biology from Cluj, held at the School "Constantin Brancusi" on 18 Nov 2009, the biology teacher Prof. Deak-Fogarasi Zita from the High School of Informatics "Tiberiu Popoviciu" came with the proposal to create a new key for the identification of a category of birds from the Danube Delta. The idea was immediately adopted and briefly introduced with the occasion of the day of the school. The school is involved in other international projects, too: Socrates, English Camp or ACSL.

K2N activities in this institution

Using the identification keys at gymnasium level


Professor Deak-Fogarasi Zita has used the identification tool for trees and shrubs with pupils at gymnasium level. The classes have participated at outdoor (spring 2009) and in-door testing sessions (November 2009, January 2010) and the kids have directly identified the characteristics of the trees. See below some of the photos, where the pupils are introduced with the tool.

Pupils: Identification of the plants Pupils: With the pupils to identify the plants Pupils: Identification of the plants

Workshop to design a new key


A workshop between the UTCN representant and the biology teacher was organised on the 22 Dec 2009. The biology teacher prepared a *.doc document with a proposal for an identification key of a category of birds from the Danube Delta: a) the text for the identification and b)an archive of images. For the first draft implementation and for testing purposes, the key was designed with a limited number of 24 species of birds. With this occasion it was proposed by UTCN a new concept to design the identification keys, based on a xls table, which is a very easy approach for the biology teachers.

Production of the identification key "Birds from Delta of Danube"


In January 2010 UTCN and the teacher from the high school have collaborated for the production of the identification key "Birds from Delta of Danube". The layout was proposed to be similar as for the K2N Open Key Player in order to keep an uniformity in design. UTCN has ellaborated a new application that converts the xls key presented by the teacher into an xml structure which is easily customizable, adaptable and scalable to other types of identification keys. The key is currently under development (Feb 2010).
[Link deactivated]: See here a demo for the alfa version of the key (in Romanian)...

identification identification identification identification

Next K2N activities in this institution

  • further develop the identification key for birds in Delta of Danube
  • April 2010 - use the K2N keys in didactical scenarios

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