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Key to Nature offers many keys that can be downloaded as a 7-zip file and installed on a mobile device to be used while not connected to the Internet (offline). The instructions how to install mobile keys on your phone or PDA depend on the kind of phone you have. Below you find instructions for various brands or operating systems:

Smartphones or PDAs using Windows Mobile

Extract the files from the zip file on the PC, copy to your PDA, and add a bookmark from your browser to the start file index.html, or open it in the explorer with the browser.

More detailed instructions for specific versions are welcome.

Smartphones or PDAs using Maemo

(Examples: Nokia N810, N900)

No detailed instructions are available yet, please provide them to us if you can!

Smartphones using Symbian OS

Produced for example by Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson

No detailed instructions are available yet, please provide them to us if you can!

Smartphones using Android

Android is a Linux-based Open Source system for Smartphones developed by Google and various Smartphone companies including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, T-Mobile G1, Archos (… add yours).

Android 1.5 to 2.0

As of June 2012, the current version of Android are 2.3 or later, but many phones are still sold with these older versions. Instructions:

  1. Download the zip-file to your computer
  2. Unpack the zip-file to a folder on your computer(e. g. using 7-zip)
    • It is advisable to use a concise folder name like “key” and make sure that the file “index.html” is directly inside this folder rather than in deeper folders
  3. Connect the Android device to the PC via USB cable (USB driver may have to be installed)
    • Pull down the notifications from the status bar on the top of the home screen
    • Touch “USB connected - Select to copy files to/from your computer”
    • Touch the button Mount to make the SD Card available through USB
    • On the PC, copy the folder containing the unzipped mobile key to the SD Card.
    • Disconnect USB (or unmount the SD Card). Without disconnecting the USB connection to the PC, the files can usually not be accessed from the Smartphone!
  4. Activate your favourite browser (e.g. Opera Mobile) and browse to the local folder where you placed the key package extracted from the downloaded zip file. Open the folder, perhaps open the folder inside, and open index.html in your browser.
    Opera Mobile
    • Type in an address like “file://sdcard/key/index.html” to open the key directly or use “file://sdcard/” and browse from there to the downloaded directory of the key and open index.html. Once you opened a local web page, add a bookmark by touching the settings icon > Bokkmarks and save/manage your bookmarks there. It might be possible to use also web archive files (*.mht) saved from browsers Opera or Internet Explorer (untested)
    Default Android browser (Android v1.5, source: [1])
    • Activate the browser, click the menu button, touch “Go”, type in the address:
      • (the stupid mistake of require such a long string to type, rather than file:// has been fixed in later Android versions.)
      • The most logical way to add a bookmark (using Menu > Bookmarks > Add bookmark…) will not work, http:// is added always in front of it (write an angry letter to Google …).
      • However, the link is correctly recorded in the browser history. In the history entry, touch the “star icon” to add a bookmark without “http://” in front. (the “Add shortcut to Home” doesn't work either)

Special notes on Android 1.5 on the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

The Galaxy smartphones have an internal and (optionally) an external SD Card. The instructions above work with the internal SD Card. If you are unsure, which of the two mounted USB-Drives shown to you is which: the internal will most likely contain the photo folder “DCIM”. For the external SD card, the address is: content://

Android 2.1 or later

Use the instructions for Android 1.5ff, but:

  • instead of content:// Android 2.1 and later should support file:///sdcard/DCIM/100MEDIA/path/to/my/key/folder/index.html


The iPhone does not allow sufficient access to the internal or external memory to run the normal “browser-based” keys. Only specially programmed iPhone applications can be loaded.