ISO Country Codes

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ISO country codes are used for the "Country Codes" metadata field in the Resource Metadata Exchange Agreement, derived from DublinCore dc:subject or dc:coverage. The field allows multiple values.

Definition: The geographic location of the specific entity documented by the media item, expressed through a constrained vocabulary of countries using 2-letter ISO country code (e. g. "it, si"). Accepted exceptions to be used instead of ISO codes are: "Global", "Marine", "Europe", “N-America”, “C-America”, “S-America”, "Africa", “Asia”, “Oceania”, “Arctic”, “Antarctic”; this list may be extended as necessary. This should always be present if Common Geoarea Name is present.

Please use ISO 3166 2-letter country codes. Examples are “GB, DE, IT, FR, EE, ES, SI (sic!), RO, BG”. See table “Officially assigned code elements” in It is recommended to use upper-case codes for countries and lower-case codes for languages, but for the purpose of our data exchange this does not matter. Note that "en" is not a country code.