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KeyToNature is ready to collaborate with other projects and organisations to exchange data or ideas. Depending on your enquiry please contact:

Project coordinator

Prof. Pier Luigi Nimis
Department of Biology
University of Trieste
Via Giorgieri 10
34127 Trieste, Italy
+39 040 5583884

Project manager

Dr. Nicola Dorigo Salamon
T&B e Associati srl
Padriciano 99, Building H
34149, Trieste, Italy
Tel: +39 040 3755787

Communication manager

Dr. Christian Kittl
evolaris research lab
Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 8-8a
8010 Graz, Austria
+43 316 351111102

Technical manager

Dr. Peter Schalk
ETI BioInformatics
University of Amsterdam
Mauritskade 61
1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 5257239

End-user Advisory Group


Dr. Tiina Randlane
Institute of Ecology & Earth Sciences
University of Tartu
Lai Street 38 TARTU 51005
+372 7 376 232

If you are a teacher, the Country Pages will tell you how can you join the KeyToNature Community