Workshop on the Botanical garden of Madrid

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Students observe trees.
Students draw leaf features.
Students identify trees in the computer room.


The First workshop organised in the Botanical Garden in order to obtain “users experience” was in May 2008.

It lasted 1h 30min


First part: observation and sketching in the Garden

In the first 40min, after a short explanation about the activity and KeyToNature, students had to observe and sketch some species previously selected by us, for which the identification label was conveniently covered.

Although on first reaction the students seemed afraid of drawing (we remarked that they had to be simple drawings!), they soon started to feel comfortable about it and were very focused on their sketching.

Second part: identification in the computer room

When they had drawn five different species, we conducted them to the computer room so they could identify them using the “mixed” key Dryades and Flora Iberica. (40min)

They were able quite easily to determinate the species, and they even had a little extra time to play around with the KeyToNature web page and its different keys.

Third part: checking results

On the way out we uncovered the labels of the plants and trees and explained a little about the most remarkable features of the species. They were all glad to see they had determinated the species correctly.

Summarising the experience

In general, the activity was very successful, and we think the students enjoyed it a lot. The workshop was announced on the Garden’s web page and it was repeated several times with different schools.

Marina Ferrer