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In the context of university seminars and research work, identification tools have more and more to fulfil the needs of these scientific communities.

The number of species and amount of additional information in the databases of the tools needs to be exhaustive for a defined area or category. A complex, accurate and technical identification process, e.g. uses of multiple criteria tools and adoption of technical language, is expected in the context of universities.

In a university context, tools are used more for identification than for supporting pedagogical activities. In this context, K2N-tools are being developed for promoting effectiveness and quality in teaching, improving knowledge of identification processes and techniques, improving knowledge of taxonomy, promoting interest in biodiversity, supporting field work by electronic identification tools for mobile devices and promoting knowledge transfer within the biology communities.

General usability principles for human/computer interaction are being adopted for the development of the tools.

Examples of tools appropriate for tertiary school education
Examples of pedagogical scenarios
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