Trees and shrubs on the campus

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School level


Identification tools

Identification key trees and shrubs in the city of Graz (Austria) with 160 species (Bestimmungsschlüssel für die häufigsten Bäume und Sträucher im Stadgebiet von Graz).

Further resources

  1. Smartphones with an internet connection
  2. Pedagogical support material (provided by the teacher)


  1. Teachers contacted local KeyToNature partner
  2. Local KeyToNature partner provided a list of organisms (e.g. trees and shrubs in the city of Graz)
  3. Teachers went on excursion with their classes
  4. Classes were divided into small groups of students who identified together the species using the key on the smartphone
  5. Teachers evaluated the key after the course for the purpose of continuous improvement

|Exkursion Rosenhain Graz Bild1.jpg|Exkursion Rosenhain Graz Bild2.jpg|Exkursion Rosenhain Graz Bild3.jpg|

Background information

It is essential to have basic knowledge on identification and identification characters. The KeyToNature experts have developed several tools for pedagogical support.