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Every school interested in the project is welcome to register for the users’ experiences carried out during 2008–2010 in all participating countries. Selected tools (specifically designed for schools, in local languages) are introduced to teachers of each country.

These test experiences are carried out either in school lessons or during special courses, as suggested by the contact persons of each country. After the practical identification experiences the teachers are invited to send us back a short evaluation form prepared by our pedagogical specialists.

For further information on the call for participation addressed to educational organisations please visit the National Portals to get information in the local language.

Would you like to report on your experiences?

If you are already using KeyToNature identification tools and would like to report on your experiences, than:

add your own report here
Read here how to report
read here how to edit your report .

If you still have problems with adding your report, write to us and we will help you.

Experiences from primary schools
Experiences from secondary schools
Experiences from universities