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To translate a existing page

1. create a new page with exactly !! the same name as the existing page and add your language code /xx directly to the name of the page

/language code. Like /de /es /nl /ro /sl /bg /nl /et....

2. Copy and paste the content, including the template "Languages" {{Languages2}} on the top of every page. This template will provide links to pages with the same name and the existing language codes. A link from the english page to the same named page and "your" language code will only be shown if the page "pagename/language code" exists.

Navigation box:

The nagivation box template Template:Handbook navigation includes hard links to the pages of the english version. You should therefore create a new navigation box template by copying the navigation template to Template:Handbook navigation language code and modify the links inside this template to link to the pages of your translation, adding the /language code to every link name. After doing this, you have to change the name of the included navigation template in every translated site to the name of your country specific navigation template. Eg {{Handbook navigation}} to {{Handbook navigation de}}

If you use the original navigation template (EN), the navigation box links to the english page and readers have to switch to their language for every page using the links provided by the "Languages" template on the top of the page.