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What to report?

The KeyToNature e-tools can be use in very diverse pedagogical scenarios. Our list already includes some possible scenarios but we would like to learn more. We are interested in every experience you had using KeyToNature identification tools. Thank you very much! It helps the whole Biodiversity Community.

What do you need for reporting?

In the first you have to register for a log in. This is necessary because a "log in free editing process" would lead to a lot of nonsence Spam entries that we definetely don't want to have here. So we hope, you understand!

For creating an account:

1. click on "log in" on the upper right corner of this WIKI

2. click on "request one" (highlighted in blue)

3. Feel in the information requested

4. An e-mail will be sent to you. Follow the instructions of the e-mail

Once you have your "log in" you can report.

How to report?

For the reporting we have prepaired a template:

1.Click on "Add your own report" in the navigation area

2. Enter the title of your activity. Please try to find a clear and short name

3. Click on "create new experience report" and a new page with the reporting template appears

4. For writting please move your cursor below the headline e.g. "Overview" and just start writing

5. In the top of the editing field you have different options like "bold", "italic", "add picture", etc.

6. Please do not forget to save, for this click on "Save page" on the bottom left corner

7. Your report is now saved and can be seen by everyone visiting this teacher handbook

8. To find your report simply click in the navigation area on "Search reports" and you will see the list of all reports in alphabetical order and you just need to click on the name of your report.

You can change and add information to your report whenever you wish:

1. Search for your report

2. Log in to the WIKI

3. Click on "edit" on the top of the page

4. Add, correct and change

5. Click on "Save page"

For any further suppport contact your local KeyToNature team