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(The public Key 2 Nature web page has a link list. I suggest to build an additional link list here, which may be freely added to and which, wherever possible, should be commented. Since the information here is project-internal, commenting may be somewhat more liberal. I gave only first examples, please contribute! Different people can comment on each project, please use a new bullet for each comment. -- Gregor)

Anthos project:

  • An information system about the Spanish Flora, currently only in Spanish.

e-Flora Iberica:

  • A "Flash application" currently under development. Free text search, identification "by fields" and dichotomous keys. English text search does allow to search for "yellow flowers", returning appropriate Spanish descriptions! English dichotomous keys were not working as of 2007-12-17. Also some problems with Firefox. -- Gregor, 2007-12-17

Discover Life:

  • Discover Life is a "strange" project insofar that it is almost a one-man project. As such it has little links to major initiatives elsewhere. Also, all software is closed source and not reusable. However, the site shows very good internet-based keys, good dedication to education, and should be visited as an example. -- Gregor, 2007-12-17

Dryades Project:

European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT):


Flora iberica:



Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (EU Network of Excellence):

Species 2000:

The Encyclopedia of Life:

ETIs Soortenbank: