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The Audubon Core Biological Multimedia Metadata Standard or profile is the end result of the Multimedia Resource Task Group (MRTG) of GBIF and TDWG. The page MRTG documents the earlier draft and working documents. The final version is provided and documented under - please see there for further information.

Information about submission as TDWG standard
MRTG Wiki Homepage
Current Schema Draft. This version is under internal review as part of the submission to TDWG.
Audubon Core Non normative document
MRTG Development History
MRTG Meeting Notes
MRTG Best Practices
XML Schema representation of Audubon Core
RDF representation of Audubon Core
MediaWiki Help

This is the front page for the work of the TDWG/GBIF Multimedia Resource Task Group.

Group Charter

MRTG is a joint task group of GBIF and TDWG. You can examine its Charter or just the charter Summary:

"The goal of this Task Group is to evaluate schemas and standards for collation, management and dissemination of multimedia resources relevant to biodiversity. Through propagation of such standards, the Task Group intends to bring about cultural change in ways that multimedia resources are currently created and managed. Another aim of the Task Group is to develop schemas that could support the collection of primary biodiversity data associated with multimedia artefacts."


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The MRTG pages

MRTG Implementations

Use of MRTG terms in RDF metadata at

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Member Notes

Wiki Disiderata

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